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  The Resource Center allows you to access a wealth of information at your fingertips. You will find links to articles and whitepapers, websites and webinars that are focused on agile development and agile business practices.

Articles and Whitepapers

Scrum Basics
Scrum Development

Agile Contracts
Agile Contracts by the Agile Executive
Agile Contracts by Poppendieck
Finding a Partner to Trust - Using Competitive Sprints to Select an Agile Software Vendor
Scope Limbering
Contracting Agile Projects

Agile Estimation and Planning
Planning Poker
Agile Project Planning
Agility Is for Managers, Too
Agile Estimating – Estimation Approaches
User Story Estimation Techniques
Supporting Agile Project Planning

Agile Environment and Work Spaces
Agile Workplace: Why Now
Private Workspaces: Where Development Process Meets CM Process
Grass Roots Agile
A Critical Look at CMM and Agile Through Gen Y

Agile Development
SCM for Testers
Agile SCM in the Enterprise
Behavior Driven Development
Pair Programming

Continuous Integration and Extreme Programming
Continuous Integration
The Agile Success Factor: Continuous Integration
Adopting continuous integration brings agility, other benefits
Continuous Integration
Extreme Programming

Requirements and Analysis

Agile Requirements Modeling

Agile Requirements
Approaches to defining requirements within Agile teams
Business Analyst Articles: Business Analysis & Systems Analysis
The Agile Business Analyst: Eyes for Waste
User Stories v Use Cases

Agile Modeling

Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD): The Key to Scaling Agile Software Development

Agile Modeling Best Practices

Agile Design and Architecture
Agile Architecture: Strategies for Scaling Agile Development

Agile Design

Agile QA and Testing
Test-Driven Development
Agile Testing
Agile Testing: Nine Principles and Six Concrete Practices for Testing on Agile Teams
Agile Testing: What Is It? Can It Work?

Agile Templates and Documentation
Agile/Lean Documentation: Strategies for Agile Software Development
Agile Models Distilled: Potential Artifacts for Agile Modeling

Distributed and Enterprise Scrum
Fully Distributed Scrum: The Secret Sauce for Hyperproductive Offshored Development Teams
Distributed Scrum: Breaking the geographical and cultural barriers
Distributed Scrum: Agile Project Management with Outsourced Development
Scrum#: Extending Scrum to the Enterprise

Integrating Agile into Waterfall Methodology
Integrating Agile Methods into Your Process Driven Lifecycle
Implementing agile development in a waterfall project
Choosing, combining agile, waterfall, other software development models

When ‘General Agile’ isn’t Enough- Why Scrum Wins in the Enterprise
How Teams Transition to Agile Development Methodologies
Can Traditional Project Management and Agile Development Coexist?
Dr. Winston Royce’s Original Waterfall Model

Platinum Edge
Agile Alliance
Scrum Alliance
Agile Journal
Agile University
Agile Manifesto
Agile Software Development Tutorial

Agile Basics
Selling Agile: How to Get Buy in from Your Team, Your Customers and Your Managers

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